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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Strange days

Indeed. It has been a strange weekend. Jan has been gone all weekend. He went to Nags Head with a group of exchange students. The dynamics in the house were all out of whack. Zach missed him, badly and was very vocal about it. He was so bored, he said, because Jan was not here. Lucas and Claire are no substitute, Zach said. They are boring according to Zach. This created a strange and not so subtle shift in the atmosphere in our house.

Lucas and Claire missed Jan as well but are better able to entertain themselves. They don't require the constant excitement Zach requires. Zach needs something to do, someone to hang out with or some way to stay out of trouble, constantly. It is because Lucas and Claire can entertain themselves Zach thinks they are boring.

I am also feeling out of sorts. But my out of sorts-ness has to do with the ever expanding gap between my front teeth and the constant change in pressure in my face. Spongebob Squarepants is officially in the house! I look fine until I open my mouth. Talking to new people has become a pretense of southern lady coy. The hand goes up in front of my teeth, hiding my close resembelance to Spongebob. To help me feel better today Stan decided I needed a little Wal-Mart. Just what every girl who looks like Spongebob wants to do, go to Wal-Mart. This week is the end of expanding. I can't wait.

Jan should be home soon, so normalcy will be restored. My expansion is nearly complete, which hopefully, will restore a little bit of normalcy to my head and mouth, although the gap will remain for a bit longer. Luckily, for me, Stan's been quite a trooper about having Spongebob living here!

I am not sure any of us, in this family, know what normal really is. I think our family is just a bit crazy and touched in the head but that's ok because being normal is overrated. Having strange days is normal and anything less, well that's just not normal. We have to stay just a little loony for the love of our children...

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