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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


My frustration level is high.  My thoughts are scattered.  I need to regroup, refocus and screw my head on straight.  Right now I'm feeling a little sideways and topsy turvy.  There is  no way I can effectively tell the stories that are brewing around in the back of my brain...

I have two, maybe three stories that are asking to come out but I need to focus on telling them the right way.  The big one is about Claire.  There is another medium one about Claire and her growing, ever changing maturity....but maybe these two can be combined.  The third story is one I don't know if I'll be able to get out at all but I'll give it a try when my brain is less foggy and more able to focus.

I don't want to tell these stories without sitting on them for tonight and then I can tell them to you with a fresh perspective tomorrow.  My goal in this blog is to tell the stories of my kids and my family without damaging my kiddos in any way so I'll sit on these stories until tomorrow ~ for the love of my children...

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